2017/18 - T20 Major Sponsor - Module Repair Service


In a world where even the simple things are becoming ever more complex, electronics are increasingly relied upon to control machines. Mechanical timers are making way for sophisticated electronic "brains" to provide greater flexibility and lower cost for manufacturers. The trend towards electronic control is expanding at a rapid rate. 

Module Repair Service is a company started by service people for service people. Specializing in the repair of all types of control modules, they are a company established to directly support the service industry to an unrivaled level. Operating nationally, the goal is to provide the best backup service for control modules no matter what products you service. Whether you need a repair of something unique, or an exchange module for something common, chances are Module Repair Services can help. No waiting, no excuses, just service the way you and your customers expect. One call is all it takes.

Contact Information -


Address - 18 Elliot Place 
Ringwood, VIC 3134

P: 03 9879 3400
F: 03 9879 3422
E: repairs@modulerepair.com.au